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This is that which is mine. My life, my heart.

I am a vessel for my thoughts.

Who is this?
This is me.
Who am I?
What am I? What am I? What am I?
I am I.
This object that is, is myself, that which forms is me.

It’s your mind that conceives that the reality is bad and hateful.
The mind which confuses the reality with the truth.
But there’s only one truth that you have, which is formed of the narrowed view of the world, That’s revised information to protect yourself, the twisted truth.
One see things with the truth given by others.Through the different way of conceiving, change into very different thing will the truth, the weak thing.

The truth within a human is such cheap that people wish to know the more deep truth.

Men marry because they are tired; Women marry because they are curious; Both are disappointed. - Oscar Wilde